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Charis Hills Camp

In Greek, charis means grace and acceptance.  In today’s world, kids need more of both.

Located in the North Texas Hill Country area, Charis Hills is a Christian Summer Camp that offers kids, ages 7 to 18, with learning differences and social difficulties—those with ADD, ADHD, high-functioning Autism, Asperger's disorder, and other special needs—an opportunity to come to a place of acceptance. We provide a positive camp experience while sharing the good news about Jesus Christ.

During the camp experience, we focus on learning about Christ, improving social skills, boosting self-esteem and confidence, and helping kids understand that their differences are neither uncommon nor debilitating. We play with purpose: we give kids access to traditional camp activities, combine recreation with learning, and help kids find greater success and fun in daily life.

Summer 2024 dates: 

Dates Ages 7-14:  

  • June 9-15 

  • June 16-22 

  • June 23-29  

Dates Ages 13-18:  

  • June 30-July 6 

  • July 7-13 

  • July 14-20 

  • July 21-27 

Please visit for more information.

Ages Served:

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School

Phone Number:



Web Address:


498 Faulkner Road
Sunset, TX 76270