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Camp Loughridge

Camp with an Autism Inclusion Program

Camp Loughridge’s Summer Day Camp is a classic Christian summer camp experience in a day camp format with kids coming to camp from 9:00 in the morning and staying until 5:00 in the evening. This program puts kids outdoors to do the things they love to do: archery, arts & crafts, canoeing, challenge and ropes course elements, chapel, court sports and games, nature hikes, sports, field games, and swimming.

In addition, we provide special programming for children with Autism through our Autism Inclusion program. For more information about how to apply for this program, write to us at . 

In 2010, the Autism Inclusion Program began at Camp Loughridge. The mission of this program is to open up the camping experience to a group of children who were traditionally left out of summer camp programs due to the need for additional understanding of the disorder as well as the need for specially trained summer camp counselors. Counselors are trained to assist the campers with Autism and integrate into our general camper population. The success of the program has led to a growing group of campers being served at camp. 

Specifics about the program:

  • The Autism Inclusion Program is made available to youth ages 6-13. 
  • Online registration for the Autism Inclusion Program is not available.  Enrollment documentation will be available mid-March 2022 by emailing
  • All summer counselors take part in Autism 101 training in order to bring awareness to the characteristics of campers with Autism. This training provides information for counselors who will be buddies and for counselors who will be asked questions by inquisitive campers regarding campers with Autism.
  • One on One buddies receive additional training in: communication, social skills inclusion, activity modification, sports participation, safety and reducing risk, visual supports, requesting and taking breaks, positive behavior supports, and motivation.
  • Our goal is to enhance rather than to interfere with each camper’s experience. We use staff support, visual schedules, written agendas, prompting, modeling, positive reinforcement, and modified verbal communication as needed.
  • Space is limited to 2 campers with Autism per Session. Space is filled on a first come first served basis.
  • If needed a scholarship form is included in the Autism application.
  • Please check the other Summer Camp pages for more information on schedules, staffing information and more FAQs. If you have further questions please contact camp at 918-446-4194 or e-mail questions to

A typical day at the camp starts with a “Morning Rally” gathering filled with music, fun, skits, songs and a story. Then we move into our activity classes like nature hikes, arts & crafts, archery and swimming supervised by certified and trained lifeguards. Camp Loughridge is a Christian camp dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with kids in a rustic outdoor setting. Our goal is to help children experience a living, and loving relationship with God and His creation. Your camper’s days will be filled with opportunities to experience the beauty of God’s Creation and to HAVE FUN!

Summer Day Camp at Loughridge is an all-day, outdoor camp. We provide quality activities and programming, and our campers play outside for most of the day. Campers should be able to follow instructions and interact positively with others. At the beginning of Camp, your child must be aged 6 -10 for Summer Day Camp, 11-13 for Adventure Day Camp, or 14 -16 for Counselors In Training. If you have any questions/concerns about your child’s health or ability to participate in Summer Day Camp, please reach out to us at

Ages Served:

  • Elementary School

Phone Number:



Web Address:


4900 W. 71st St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74131