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Navigating Autism

When a child is diagnosed with autism parents may find themselves entering a new world.  While no child comes with an instruction manual, having a child with autism requires families to learn new information to best support their child who may have some unique needs related to their diagnosis.

We hope that this section of the website will help you and your family more easily navigate key information and tools to help you on this journey and for those of you who are service providers we hope you find this information you can share, helpful to encourage families. 

Lifespan Supports

Living with autism is a journey, a process that may includes many twists and turns.  Our mission is to support individuals with autism and their families as they navigate this course.

Families may need to access support and services to help their family member with autism to help the individual learn new skills as well as to support the family and individual to do the things they want to do, with the people they want, and in the places they want.  For some families this may mean being able to go out to eat, going on vacation, going to church, or going to family gatherings.  Each family is different, you have to decide what this means for your family.

We encourage individuals and families to use the information provided in the way that works best for them. If you see something missing, let us know so we can consider how to incorporate new information to provide for families and professionals.

Financial Supports

Resources for supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorders can be expensive. Organization and diligence will help you manage your financial resources effectively and efficiently.  A few simple tips to keep in mind before applying for, accessing, or using financial resources include:

  • Having a plan for your loved ones program;
  • Knowing the programs, eligibility requirements, paperwork needed, and deadlines;
  • Keeping complete documentation; and
  • Being diligent with agencies; calling them back to make sure they received documents, etc

Crisis Prevention

Families and caregivers of individuals with autism can experience a range of stressors. At times these stressors can feel overwhelming and, as a result, may increase the risk of experiencing crisis. Crisis occurs when there is an imbalance between the number of demands in one’s life (e.g. child behavior, family problems, and health problems) and the availability of external resources available to meet these demands (support, emergency services, and finances). (Weiss, Wingsiong, & Lunsky, 2014, p. 991).

Resources for Educators

NEA Guide for Teaching Students with Autism