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The resources and information in this section of the website are for the adult years. You may be exploring this section as an autistic adult, or as someone who suspects they may have autism. You may also be exploring this section as a caregiver of an adult child with autism who continues to need your support in day-to-day life.

The resources in this section are intended to help you or your loved one with autism in finding the support and information you need to succeed in the adult years. Keep in mind, only you as an individual with autism, and your family know what success means for you. However, in general, most individuals do find that meaningful relationships with a few close family members and/or friends and enjoyable ways to spend time are at least a few of the critical components of a meaningful life as an adult.

Across Oklahoma and the country, resources for the adult years are slowly increasing as families and professionals push for more supports. However, in general, resources are not as readily available as they are during the childhood years.  As an individual or family member, you may have to be creative and connect with others to identify, and in some cases create, the opportunities you seek during this important time in life.

Adult Evaluation Information 

In Oklahoma, there are not as many providers that evaluate adults for the characteristics of Autism as there are for children.  Providers may have a waiting list. You can find an online screening tool here. This may play a role in self-discovery and help you decide to pursue a formal diagnosis. For a formal assessment, please see a knowledgeable medical professional trained in assessing autism.  Our provider directory has listed providers that specifically evaluated and provide support for adults with autism. In the provider directory, we recommend that you click "adult" to filter, then click "medical evaluation."  TIP:  You will get more options if you do not filter your search by location if you are willing to travel for an evaluation. The cost for an evaluation varies.  Check to see if your insurance will cover some of the cost for this evaluation.  *TIP:  When you schedule an evaluation ask about the cost, if the medical office can bill your insurance, and if there will be a payment required on the day of the test.

Connecting with Other Adults

Connecting with people with similar life experiences is important for all of us. Social groups with others with similar disabilities can be stepping stones to finding other opportunities and resources in your community.  TIP: Autism Oklahoma offers support groups and social activities for adults.  

Employment Resources

Finding and maintaining employment is one sign of success in adult life but, for many individuals with autism employment can be a challenge.  Success in employment looks different for each person, ranging from part to full-time working for a company, individual, or oneself.  

Oklahoma Agency Resources for Employment

Resource Guides
Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide for Transition to Adulthood
ife Journey Through Autism: A Guide for Transition to Adulthood, by the Organization for Autism Research, provides an overview of the transition to adulthood process for persons with ASD.

The Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment facilitates successful secondary and post-secondary educational, vocational, and personal outcomes for students and adults with disabilities.  Their website provides a variety of resources to assist families and professionals in the transition process after high school