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Lifespan Supports

Living with ASD is a journey, a process that includes many twists and turns.  Our mission is to support individuals with ASD and their families as they navigate the world of ASD.

The Life Connections graphic represents different points in an individual’s life.  Click directly on the graphic to access information in each age range.  

At each point, families access supports and services to help their family member with ASD.  We believe the purpose of supports and services is to not only help the individual learn new skills, but to support the family and individual to do the things they want to do, with the people they want, and in the places they want.  For some families this may mean being able to go out to eat, going on vacation, going to church, or going to family gatherings.  Each family is different, so you have to decide what this means for your family.

Each section in the graphic includes age specific resources, and tools to help individuals with ASD and their families plan and navigate their journey. The butterfly represents transitions that occur along the way. Transitions, while similar, are unique for each individual.  Some will be more challenging than others. Major transitions include beginning an early childhood program and the transition from school to adult life. Other transitions occur along the way, like moving from one grade to another or moving into a new house.  Each of these transitions requires some planning in order for things to go well and for the individual with ASD to achieve his greatest potential.

 We encourage individuals and families to use the information provided in the way that works best for them. And if you see something missing, let us know so we can consider how to incorporate that into the information we provide for families and professionals.