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Navigating Autism

When a child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) parents find themselves entering a new world.  While no child comes with an instruction manual so to speak, having a child with ASD does require parents to learn new information to best support their child who has some unique needs related to their diagnosis.

The purpose of this new section of our website is to help you more easily navigate some key information and tools that can help you on this journey.   We broke this information into six key areas that we have learned over the years help parents consider the multiple factors to support their child with ASD while also keeping in mind the needs of siblings, parents, and other family members.

While the information is written with families in mind, professionals will also find this information beneficial as a resource for the families they serve.

We hope you find this information helpful and encourage families and professionals to provide us feedback as you access the information and use the toolkits we have created for you.