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Social Connecting

Connecting with people who share similar life experiences is important for all of us.  Finding opportunities to connect socially with others can be a challenge.  Some social groups that are available include others with similar disabilities.  These can be stepping stones to finding other opportunities in your community.  

You can find strategies on how to expand your child’s social circles or ideas as an individual with autism to start exploring new social connections.  For children, a good place to start is talking with your child's teacher or counselor at school.

For adults, there are other social opportunities available.  For example, sponsors several events around Oklahoma each month where individuals over the age of 17 can meet and mingle at their comfort level.  

Social media is another option, but one should be aware of the potential dangers.  PsychCentral has a good article and other resources to help autistic adults stay safe while being online.  You can find those here: Psych Central - Autism, Social Skills and the Benefits of Social Media.