Our Programs

The Oklahoma Autism Network has a broad range of programs focused on improving outcomes and quality of life for individuals with ASD and their families.  Our programs focus on goals addressing early identification, evidence based interventions from diagnosis through adulthood, increasing access to services across Oklahoma, family supports, and building the capacity of communities to meet the needs of their citizens with ASD.  The Oklahoma Autism Network team works in collaboration with other agencies, organizations, families and professionals to achieve these goals. 

Autism Information and Referral System

The Oklahoma Autism Network serves as the state resource and referral for autism.  We assist individuals with autism spectrum disorders, their families, and the professionals who serve them in locating resources in their community, assistance in identifying and prioritizing needs, and identifying services to meet those needs.    OAN offers a resource room where families and professionals can access books and DVDs with information about autism or make materials, such as visual supports.  We also meet with families and professionals to provide assistance as needed.

Community Capacity and Systems Change

The Oklahoma Autism Network is involved in multiple committees and activities with the purpose of building the capacity of our state to meet the needs of the growing numbers of children and adults with an ASD.  Some of these activities include:

  • Advisory Committee for the Governor's Inter-Agency Executive Council with the purpose of improving the quality of services for Oklahomans with developmental disabilities. 
  • Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) Advisory Committee with the intent of improving policy and services to individuals served through DDS waiver programs. 
  • Oklahoma Transition Council with the intent of improving secondary-transition services for youth transitioning out of high school.
  • Oklahoma's Community of Practice State Team

ConnectedKids: Building a Foundation with Families

ConnectedKids is a program for parents to learn how to use developmental and behavioral (ABA) strategies with their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The focus of the program is to increase the child’s social communication and engagement skills. We are offering the ConnectedKids program in an intensive, interactive, and in-class training over four full-days. The program, scheduled over a four-month period, allows for practice of strategies between training days. Parents or primary caregivers who participate in the training will learn:

  • to use strategies to increase your child’s interest in interacting with you and others in your family;
  • to use your child’s interest in an activity to teach new social-communication skills, such as requesting, following directions, playing with toys, and imitating others;
  • to use prompting and reinforcement to teach new skills, which are key applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques that help your child develop new, more complex skills;
  • to identify what skills to teach your child and how to create opportunities to teach during play and daily routines;
  • about resources in the community; and
  • to advocate for your child in a collaborative way.

For More Information

Ginger Glenn Wells, MSW
405.271.7476 or okautism@ouhsc.edu

ConnectedFamilies: Building Your Villlage


  • A parent support group to assist families who have children with autism spectrum disorder to build their natural supports through activities, community networking, and inclusion thereby decreasing the threat of isolation.
  • ConnectedFamilies compliments the ConnectedKids program by providing opportunities for families to meet one to two times monthly to support each other, continue to learn new information, and to provide opportunities to go into the community. 
  • Communities and businesses gain a better understanding of autism and provide accepting environments for all children and their families.

Who Can Participate

  • Families who have or are currently participating in the ConnectedKids program.

What to Expect

  • Informational meetings provide the opportunity for parents to share their experiences with each other and gain new information to support ongoing advocacy and development of their child with autism. 
  • During meetings, children with autism and their siblings participate in structured group activities. 
  • Students in pre-service training programs including speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, early childhood education, and behavior analysis assist in coordinating and implementing the group activities with the children. 
  • Community activities take place in various settings identified by the families. 


For More Information

Ginger Glenn Wells, MSW
405.271.7476 or okautism@ouhsc.edu


Oklahoma Autism Network Resource Center

The Oklahoma Autism Network Resource Center is available for professionals and family members. The Resource Center has books, videos, and other resources available on-site.  We can also schedule a time to meet regarding a concern or questions related to your child, working with your school, or accessing services.  We also have resources to make visual supports such as visual schedules and social stories.  

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact:

The Oklahoma Autism Network at 
(405) 271-7476 or at okautism@ouhsc.edu

Support to Parent Led Organizations

The Oklahoma Autism Network collaborates with and provides support to the many autism specific parent led organizations in our state.  These parent led organizations provide critical support to families who have a child with an ASD within their local community.  Some of the ways we collaborate with parent led organizations includes:

  • Providing training at local parent group meetings.
  • Collaborating with parent-led organizations to offer training in the community for parents and professional groups.
  • Providing technical assistance to parent-led organizations in meeting the needs of the families in their community.


Technical Assistance

The Oklahoma Autism Network offers technical assistance to families, professionals, and individuals with an ASD by phone, email, or in person.  Technical assistance is provided to help individuals develop a plan and identify supports to address an identified concern or to help individuals implement information learned in a training provided by OAN.  Contact us if you need assistance or to make an appointment.


The Oklahoma Autism Network provides training to professionals, parents, and students through our regularly scheduled trainings and by request.  You can contact us to request a training or presentation at a conference or other event.